Complex IT Solutions

Full Software Lifecycle On A Fingertip

GreatBit provides complex software solutions for your business. Whether you require a full development lifecycle, create a website or an app or you just need to perform professional testing - we are here to help

Our top-quality engineers are scattered across the world. This allows us to fulfill any business needs and financial requirements no matter where you are

Software Development

Nothing is impossible

No task is too big or too small for us. Either you need a small website or a complex cloud application - nothing is impossible. We build and manage a team exclusively for your needs. Precisely constructed group of engineers allows to deliver high quality results in no time and for the lower cost

Quality Assurance‎

Quality is everything

Whether you build a complex solution with us or just need to test the latest build - we keen to help. Great expertise, own test management system and related tools, established automation and manual patterns - all here to help solving any QA task as fast as can be

Consultancy Services

Knowledge is power

We are more than happy to share our experience with you. Either you need an advice how to build a sophisticated cloud application or you need Software Development training - decades of our experience is at your service

People Management

Experts hire Experts

Handling a technical interview might be challenging. As a team of software engineers and managers with decades of experience we have an ability to identify talents on the spot. We can help you manage people from the hiring process and all the way through their career in your company

Great value and flexibility. We find and manage best people just for your needs at the low cost. No more worries about insurance, vacations and wages - you only pay for the job being done

Our expertise helps building a strong foundation. Our top engineers have decades of experience, dozens of large services successfully built from the ground up. We keen to share our experience and knowledge with you

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